Summit Fire

Day 1 - Thursday May 22 2008

my back yard My back yard about 8am, a few minutes after I got the Reverse 911 call:
"Cal Fire recommends that you evacuate"
over top of my house One more for perspective - over the top of my house - not really thinking about what things to take at this point, just the six miles of winding road in that direction, and whether I would be able to breathe...
morning sunshine Morning Sunshine - this is on Hames Rd looking back towards Corralitos Market.
Freedom Blvd near Hwy 1 Freedom Blvd near Hwy 1 - almost made it to the highway before turning back
looking north Corralitos Market Looking north from Corralitos Market. Eureka Canyon Road closed now.
A few hours later. Strong winds push smoke south and east.

Day 2 - Friday May 23

From Browns Valley Road. All roads into the area closed all day.

Day 3 - Saturday May 24

Short visit to the house to collect clothes, no time for pictures.
Smell of smoke and ash is everywhere. Constant sound of helicopters and chainsaws.
This is from Corralitos Road, near the school.

Day 4 - Sunday May 25

A few more hours today, plenty of time for pictures.
Cal Fire didn't give the All Clear for this area until Monday afternoon.
Out on Corralitos Rd, things look much the same...
Bottom of the driveway and the mailbox. Little damage to trees. Blanket of ash on the ground.
Behind the mailbox, looking up the ridge.
By the side of the driveway, looking up toward to the ridge.
On top of the ridge above the driveway.
At the top of the driveway, looking down.
Side of the yard above the driveway. Old pile of rotten logs.
Close up of the scene above, new growth won't be effected.
These old stumps have seen fire before. Its all part of the natural cycle of the forest.
A few are still smoldering...
No more brush pile down there!
Plan to make this a garden someday...
The back slope of the "garden" and car that won't go away...
Years of accumulated ground cover turned to ash.
I had started to rake it down a few weeks ago.
There was a pile at the bottom of the hill.
Doing fine!

Ultimately, the house was saved by a lot of hard work,
cutting fire breaks, by a crew I'll probably never know.

Here are some of the folks who patrolled the neighborhood
after the fire.

Thank You All !